Adding VIP Table Inventory on Web

Before you begin, ensure you have the following information ready:

  • Inventory name (e.g. VIP Table for 10)
  • Number of guests
  • Description
    • Example: This Table Package includes: Complimentary Admission for up to 12 guests $2000 Credit towards alcohol IMPORTANT: Terms and Conditions All events are 21+ No alcohol permitted on premises other than that served by the licensed vendors of this event. Entry is per doorman's discretion. A cancellation fee will be charged to no-show tables and cancellations within 24 hours. No-shows will be charged in full and will not receive a refund. The latest arrival time for parties with table reservations at The Grand is 12AM sharp unless prior arrangements are made. Any tables that do not arrive by 12AM will be resold to any waiting parties and will be charged per the venue's discretion.
  • Price
  • State tax %, service charge %
  • Payment type (pick one)
    • Full payment
    • Prepaid deposit
      • If using this, specify the amount
    • Authorization
    • No payment
  • Arrival start and end times

Note: VIP Tables are referred to as Packages on the TablelistPro dashboard.

To start selling packages on TablelistPro, open the sidebar, click Manage, then click Inventory.

Next, click the Packages tab.

Document image

At the top of the page, select the date you'd like to add inventory for, then click the purple plus sign on the righthand side.

Fill in all of the designated fields under Details including the name of the inventory (e.g. VIP Table for 10), number of guests, and description.

For the Description, write all pertinent information for the customer including beverage minimums, taxes and fees, cancellation policy, no-show policy, and age limits.

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On the Pricing tab, complete each designated field including price, quantity, tax %, service charge %, fees, payment type, and processing fee.

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On the Advanced tab, complete each field including the frequency (single piece of inventory vs. recurring inventory), arrival start/end times, and terms & conditions.

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When everything is complete, hit Save.