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While TablelistPro provides its own basic CRM, you can also use a third-party platform like Insightly CRM for greater functionality.

Through the integration, whenever you add or change reservations and/or admissions in TablelistPro, your customers will be automatically synced to Insightly as Contacts and your reservations/admissions as Opportunities.

To add this integration, you will need an API Key. Log into your Insightly account, click the user menu, then go to User Settings.

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Next, scroll down on this page to find the API Key.

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On TablelistPro's Integrations page, click Insightly, toggle the button to enable it, enter the API Key, then press Save.

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Custom Fields

Some of the data that TablelistPro sends to Insightly doesn't fit in their provided fields, so you will need to set up Custom Fields. Otherwise, the data syncing will fail. Follow Insightly's guide for creating Custom Fields by going to https://support.insight.ly/hc/en-us/articles/204061084-How-to-create-a-custom-field.

The list of Custom Fields you will need to set up is listed below. Use the exact name and type for the field provided:

Custom Fields for Contacts

  • Total Spend - Number with Field Label Total_Spend
  • Total Table Spend - Number with Field Label Total_Table_Spend
  • Total Ticket Spend - Number with Field Label Total_Ticket_Spend
  • Total Guestlist Spend - Number with Field Label Total_Guestlist_Spend
  • Average Table Minimum - Number with Field Label Average_Table_Minimum
  • Average Table Spend - Number with Field Label Average_Table_Spend
  • Average Ticket Spend - Number with Field Label Average_Ticket_Spend
  • Average Guestlist Spend - Number with Field Label Average_Guestlist_Spend
  • Total Visits - Number with Field Label Total_Visits
  • Notes - Text with Field Label Notes

Here is an example of adding the Custom Field for Total Spend:

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Custom Fields for Opportunities

In addition to syncing your customer data, TablelistPro will sync reservation and admission data to Insightly as Opportunies.

  • Type - Text with Field Label Type - this will be either PACKAGE|TICKET|GUEST_LIST
  • Guests Expected - Text with Field Label Guests_Expected
  • Notes - Text with Field Label Notes
  • Server - Text with Field Label Server
  • Channel - Text with Field Label Channel
  • Attribution - Text with Field Label Attribution
  • Reserved - Text with Field Label Reserved
  • Checked In - Text with Field Label Checked_In
  • Closed - Text with Field Label Closed
  • Cancelled - Text with Field Label Cancelled
  • Customer Name - Text with Field Label Customer_Name
  • Customer Email - Text with Field Label Customer_Email
  • Venue - Text with Field Label Venue

Updated 25 May 2021
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