Inventory Settings

Beneath Inventory Settings, choose your settings for the following:

  • Purchase window (number of days that reservations and tickets can be bought in advance)
  • Package terms and conditions
  • Package/table tax
  • Package/table tip
  • Package/table fees
  • Ticket terms and conditions
  • Ticket tax
  • Default ticket fees

We strongly encourage you to fill out every field.

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Any fees that are added here will automatically reflect on table reservations that come in through payment links, or they will be added to any packages that you add to your inventory list.

For example, if you send a payment link for a $1,000 minimum (full payment), it will also add the default tax, service charge, and fees from your venue settings. If you add inventory to sell on Tablelist, your website, or an event page, then the default tax, service charge, and fees will be added at checkout based on the minimum.

Updated 26 May 2021
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