TablelistPro's POS Integration allows you to sync spends and itemized receipts directly from your POS system to your TablelistPro reservations, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.


POS Integration is an add-on feature of TablelistPro and part of the Deluxe plan for $499/mo. Contact us directly to enable it.

Getting Started

TablelistPro uses Omnivore to integrate with your POS system, as it provides a universal API for connecting with many platforms.

Omnivore currently supports these POS systems, with more in development:

  • NCR Aloha
  • Micros 3700
  • Micros Simphony1
  • CBS NorthStar
  • Brink, POSitouch
  • XPIENT, Dinerwarez
  • Azbar
  • Maitre'D
  • Veloce
  • Squirrel

Using the POS integration within TablelistPro

Once you have connected to your POS system, you will see a new tab when creating reservation in TablelistPro.

In this tab, you will see a 5-character POS code is generated for each of your reservations. This code is what you will use to sync a ticket in your POS with a reservation in TablelistPro.

This code will also now show up on printed chit receipts, allowing your servers to easily get the code and enter it into the POS Ticket.

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Using the POS code to sync tickets to TablelistPro

During the installation process, we will set up your POS system with a special menu item called Tablelist, which will prompt the server for the POS code. Simply enter the code and send the check, and the spend and item receipt will sync automatically to your reservation in TablelistPro.

Once synced, you will see the POS Tickets on your reservation in TablelistPro.

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Disable syncing on a reservation

If you want to disable the syncing on a particular reservation, you can toggle the POS Sync Enabled button. Doing this will not remove the POS Tickets that were synced, but it will disable them and calculate the reservation's spent based on receipts that you manually enter.

If at any point you want to re-enable the POS syncing, just hit the toggle again, and TablelistPro will go back to calculating the spent based on the POS Tickets.

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Removing a POS Ticket for a reservation

To remove a POS Ticket that has been synced, click the red X next to the ticket. Doing this will remove it from the reservation and trigger the spent to be recalculated based on any remaining tickets.

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Syncing multiple tickets to TablelistPro

If you have multiple tickets in your POS that need to sync to a single reservation in TablelistPro, simply add the special Tablelist menu item with the POS code on both tickets, and they will both sync to TablelistPro.

Closing out POS Tickets

If you enter the POS Code on the ticket, when you go to close it out, it will automatically close out the reservation in TablelistPro.

Retroactively syncing POS Tickets

At any point, you can re-open a ticket in your POS system, enter the POS sync code, and it will sync to TablelistPro.

Updated 11 Apr 2022
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