Adding a Ticket or Guest List on Web

To add a ticket or guest list on the TablelistPro website, open the sidebar, click Manage, select the date of your choosing, click Admissions, then click the purple plus sign on the righthand side.

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Under Guestlist, select or search for the customer's name. If they have already been to your venue before, their information will auto-populate once you select their profile.

If not, click the purple New button to add a new customer. Fill out as many of the fields as possible including name, phone number, and email, then press Save.

Once you've chosen/added the customer for the ticket or guest list, continue filling out all of the fields under Reservation like date and/or event, guest count, and cover type. Here, you can also choose to send a confirmation email, which we highly suggest. When this page is complete, press Save.

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